Getting Manchester Moving

Manchester - Physical Activity Referral Service (PARS)

The Physical Activity Referral Service helps people living with long term health conditions to increase their levels of physical activity in a safe and structured environment. The service provides health screening and advice as well as access to exercise sessions led by highly qualified exercise professionals. The sessions are run across Manchester in local leisure and community centres.

The service offers a range of different types of activity. There will be a small charge for each activity either within the PARS service or within Manchester Leisure Services and Facilities.

Telephone: 0161 230 1857


Clayton Health Centre,
89 North Road
M11 4EJ

Read more about PARS here.

Please see the recent Health Walk information for details on activities taking place in your area.

The PARS weekly health walks are led by PARS staff and volunteers and are open to everyone. PARS aim to proide a variety of walking opportunities across Manchester to encourage people to become more physically active in their local communities.

Walking For Health - PARS

Manchester Community Health Trainers

A little local help to get healthier, get more active and feel great.

Community Health Trainers can help you find ways to get more active in your daily life and look at areas where you are tempted into unhealthy habits. They work with you to find different ways in which you can become healthier.

They are specially trained to be able to point you in the direction of health-related services in your area as well as to support you in your choice of behaviour change. The Health Trainers have the time to spend with you, listen and provide a friendly and confidential service. If you are ready to make health changes, big or small, then contact with a Community Health Trainer could be just the thing you need to get started.

Health Trainers are based with different services across Manchester. Our Health Trainers will be able to meet you at a mutually convenient time and location. Most important of all, this is a FREE service.

What does the health trainer scheme offer:

  • Free confidential guidance and support
  • One-to-One meetings with you
  • Information about healthy living
  • Accompanying you to new places and groups
  • Our Health Trainers speak a number of different languages

So if you live within the City of Manchester and want to find out general information about the service or to find your local Health Trainer get in touch:

Name: Health Trainers
Contact: Aurora Robb
Tel: 0161 861 2548


Zest is a healthy living project in North Manchester. Its main aim is improving the health and well being of the people in the area.

Zest offers a variety of activities and sessions such as Zumba, Tai Chi, Drop in Centres, Dance classes, Social Coffee Mornings, etc. For more detailed information on what we provide in each area, please contact Zest on:

0161 234 3715.


Learn more about Zest here.

Manchester's Green Corridor – a walking circuit around the city

The city of Manchester has 138 parks, 31 of which have been awarded green flag status and a walking route has now been identified that links these green spaces. The Green Corridor is made up of 14 routes with each route averaging 4 miles.

The tree-lined routes have been identified and ‘developed’ by volunteers from the Ramblers. This has involved them:

  • identifying specific roads suitable for walking
  • developing detailed directions for walkers to follow including timings
  • describing the route in terms of quality, accessibility, facilities, potential hazards etc and risk assessing routes
  • recording local points of interest including historical ones
  • identifying relevant groups in the area
  • identifying useful bus routes

Many of the parks already have established activities and health walks associated with them, so the development of the Green Corridor is seen as an opportunity to promote these and to extend the provision. Manchester also has an established network of trained walk leaders and the ability to continue to deliver walk leader training in the future.

This initiative is a partnership between Manchester City Council; Manchester Mental Health & Social Care Trust’s Physical Activity Referral Scheme and Public Health Development Service; Red Rose Forest and The Ramblers.

For more information, click here.

The Community Nutrition Service

The Community Nutrition Service (CNS) is part of the NHS and works with the public and health professionals to educate and provide advice about food and nutrition. This could be to control a range of nutritional disorders such as diabetes and coeliac disease or simply to help follow a healthier diet. The CNS is a small department and operates different services in the northern, central and southern regions of the city. The CNS requires a referral from a health care professional in order for us to be able to arrange a consultation.

You may contact a Dietitian on the following telephone numbers:

North Manchester
The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust
Ground Floor, Victoria Mill
Lower Vickers Street
Miles Platting
Tel: 0161 205 4796

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